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Online Alternative Dispute Resolution System
Virtual Courthouse is a web-based combination of multimedia technologies and business processes, integrated with a customer-friendly user interface. Our system replicates the current process of dispute resolution in an online environment, removing the constraints of time, expense and distance.

To file a Mediation or Arbitration case online go to http://www.virtualcourthouse.com/
1) Follow the instructions at the website.
2) Select three or more mediator/arbitrator neutrals including Larry Smith from the Texas listing.
3) Rank the selected neutrals and send them to your opposing party along with an invitation to participate in an Alternative Dispute Resolution process through VirtualCourthouse.com.
4) The parties present their case online, schedule a meeting or video conference and use the Virtual Courthouse Secure Confidential asynchronous messaging system.
The VirtualCourthouse.com™ filing fee for participating in a case is $50 for each party.                                                    
Arbitration services are available at: Texas arbitration

The Mediator/Arbitrator neutral’s fees are as follows:
Online decision:                                                                                               $300
Simple Online Neutral Case Evaluation (1 hour or less):                                    $300
Complex Online Neutral Case Evaluation (more than 1 hour):                           Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Arbitration:                                                                                  Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Mediation:                                                                                   Neutral's published hourly rate

Online Dispute Services

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