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​​Our Senior Mediator,Arbitrator and Lecturer Larry V. Smith, Ph.D.

Professional Background:
Larry Smith is engaged in the practice of Texas Arbitrations and Mediations as a private practitioner. He is a professor of Ethics and a national lecturer/trainer for character education and ethical decision-making.

Dr. Smith is a seasoned civil and criminal investigator with dispute resolution experience in employment, discrimination, and sexual harassment matters. He has served as a mediator since 1996 handling a wide range of cases including Personal Injury, Employment, and Discrimination.

Larry is a Behavioral Scientist and has served as a relationship and Conflict Counselor for the past fifteen years.
Dr. Smith has served as third party neutral in over three hundred mediated cases, including employment, civil rights, labor relations and discrimination in both public and private settings.

Larry is currently a Galveston Mediator/Arbitrator and Lecturer in private practice and based in the Galveston, Texas area. He is available to travel to any site as a neutral for dispute resolution. Dr. Smith has trained over twelve hundred students in peer mediation and collaborative problem solving.

He has mediated numerous disputes in church settings and was one of the founders of the church conflict management cohort through Pepperdine University.

As a member of the national faculty of The Josephson Institute of Ethics, he has conducted over two hundred workshops and workplace ethics training seminars around the country on Ethical Decision Making and establishing Ethical Environments.
He is a former adjunct professor of Ethics at UCLA's School of Public Policy.

As a National Faculty Member for the Josephson Institute of Ethics he has trained representatives of more than one hundred police agencies around the country from Los Angeles and Chicago to San Antonio and Dayton, OH; in the practice of creating and maintaining an Ethical Culture in their departments. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer and Trainer for the Ohio Chiefs of Police, Police Executive Leadership College in Columbus, OH.

  • Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy majoring in Theology, Concordia University; Pre-doctoral - Intercultural communications and studies and Urban Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • M.A. Behavioral Science (Negotiation and Conflict Management) California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • B.A. - Public Affairs, (Public Policy Analysis and Political Sciences) Pepperdine University

Other Qualifications:
  • Texas Credentialed Distinguished Mediator
  • Expert witness (Law enforcement).
  • Certified Trainer for Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Certified Parent Educator
  • Certified Relationship Counselor
  • Certified Christian Counselor
  • Trainer and Lecturer in Ethical Decision Making
  • Larry directs the non-profit Agape' Urban Institute where he trains businesses and communities in Ethical Leadership, Decision Making and Conflict Resolution.
  • During the past sixteen years Larry has trained over twenty-five hundred people in conflict resolution and ethical decision-making.

Dr. Smith is one of only one hundred Credentialed Distinguished Mediators in the state of Texas. He is a member of the Texas Association of Mediators, the America Bar Association, the State Bar of Texas (Associate), and the Austin Association of Mediators; he also has a membership pending in the American Arbitration Association

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