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​Agape mediation and ethics provides dispute resolution and workplace ethics training services to businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and individuals. 

Our dispute and ethicist specialist is experienced in the resolution of a diverse array of disputes and ethical dilemmas; including contract, employment, discrimination, team building, workplace ethics and others.

We provide training workshops in negotiation, conflict management, mediation skills and ethical decision-making. Our workshops are interactive, fast-paced and custom tailored for each client organization. We are available to conduct workshops nationally.

Services provided by Agape Mediation and Ethics include the following:

Dispute Resolution 
A confidential, relatively inexpensive, less confrontational, yet extremely effective process for resolving disputes and fostering growth through conflict.

Facilitation and Mediation 
We provide professional meeting facilitation creating a structure and a process to guide participants through tough issues while identifying and addressing interests to achieve desired results. Our behavioral scientist will use facilitative, evaluative or transformative mediation processes to assist in the successful resolution of conflicts.

Custom Workshops 
Custom training workshops in negotiation and or conflict management to focus on your organization's unique needs, providing effective, practical skills that participant can apply immediately in their work and private life's. We help you prepare for negotiations and train you to deliver presentations to increase sales. The emphasis is on increased productivity through positive communications.

Ethics in the Workplace 
Ideal for: business owners, managers, employees, human resources and compliance directors. No institution can afford unethical behavior; yet scandals and the cynicism they breed, are everywhere. An ethical workplace is the only defense.

Conflict Management Consultation 
We provide confidential evaluations and strategies to manage potentially destructive internal and external conflicts in organizations. Our goal is to improve working relationships and to increase operational efficiency.

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